Mostly painted and drawn with hard pastel, oil pastel and pencil. The imagery of these works come initially from unconscious wanderings. The compositions are then tightened up after simply looking at them and contemplating what I have in front of me. Thought and meditation about each piece as they are being produced probably takes twice the amount of time as the actual application of color and marks on the surface. I sit and stare and make decisions as to the next steps to take. I then take those steps by applying the actual media, then step back again for more contemplation. This cycle is repeated until the work is finished. It is finished when I decide that I can’t further improve the piece in front of me. I sometimes take many weeks or even months before I sign and complete a piece.


I make mostly linoleum prints. They are my favorite. I also like woodcuts, drypoint and engraving. I teach beginning relief printmaking at Bravo School of Art in San Diego at Liberty Station. Take my class… I’ll show you what to do and we’ll have fun doing it!

Bravo School of Art

Bird Paintings

I’m a bird nerd. Many years ago I used have several exotic birds as pets.  I also used to breed finches and some Australian parakeets. With the interest and knowledge I gained during this time, it just seemed natural for me to paint these beautiful and colorful birds. I was also discovering oil pastel as a painting medium at the time. As I observed the wildlife art scene then, it was obvious that the prevailing attitude was toward super realism. So, naturally, my attitude was to do the opposite and stand apart by embracing a more impressionistic style. The use of oil pastel also helped push me in that direction, because painstaking detail is hard to achieve with those fat sticks of color.


These bowls are made of paper maché, paper pulp, decorative and handmade paper, re-purposed lamp parts and other found and discovered items and imagery. Some of the imagery comes from old books and magazines. I teach a paper maché bowl workshop at Bravo School of Art. Check it out at the Bravo School website, then come on down and take the class with me. It’s fun and you go home with your own bowl or two and some happy memories!

Bravo School of Art

Events, Shows, and Affiliations

The San Diego Art Institute (Including the Southern
California Regional Show)

The Del Mar/San Diego Fair Art Show (First Place, Second Place, Third Place, Several Honorable Mentions)

Wagner Art Gallery, Del Mar

Carlsbad Art Gallery

Fallbrook Wildlife Art Show

Boehm Gallery (Palomar College)

Guest Speaker, Fallbrook Art Association (Oil Pastel Demonstration)

San Diego Drawing Group, Group Show, 4 Design Studio and Gallery,
Ray Street, San Diego, CA 2004

Dare To Reuse Art Show, San Diego Natural History Museum, 2004

SDDG Group Show, “Drawing Is Back” Art Institute of California,
San Diego, CA 2004

San Diego Art Institute, Solo Show, “Pink Next To Orange” 2005

Featured Artist, Kettner Nights, San Diego Art Institute, 2005

Guest Speaker, San Diego Colored Pencil Society, 2005
(Hard Pastel and Pencil Demonstration)

SDDG Group Show, Adams Avenue Grill, San Diego, CA, 2005

Featured Artist, Unisys Corporate Office Lobby,
Rancho Bernardo, CA, 2005

Wildlife Art Exhibition at the San Diego Natural History Museum, 2005

Past Member of the San Diego Museum of Art Artists Guild

Past Member of the San Diego Art Institute

Original Member of the San Diego Drawing Group
(Now West Coast Drawing)

Teacher at Bravo School of Art in Liberty Station, since 2012

Honorable Mention, San Diego Art Institute, Southern California Regional Show, 2014

Solo Show, Paper Maché Bowls, Jeremy’s On The Hill, Wynola, CA, 2014

Solo Show, Mixed Media Sculptures, Vessels and Bowls, House Of Borrego Springs, 2015

Artist Alliance Group Show, Oceanside Museum of Art, 2015-16